All technical decisions at SPORTLER support the omni-channel strategy of the specialist sport trade, where for customer interaction, digital, analogue as well as physical channels are used and optimized. “Up until now, we considered physical shops and online platform as two separate worlds. Now, there are no more barriers between the online and the physical shopping experience in the shops and the customer is able to move around freely between these two worlds. As the IT department we are strongly involved in this change process on an infrastructure, but also on a software level. We must not only create the technical possibilities, but partly also the culture of digital innovation that enables this cultural change,” describes Giordano Betti, ITDirector with SPORTLER. The network solutionCiscoMeraki that is managed by the Cloud reduces the time requirement for support and administration at SPORTLER and the service is improved due to a single IT administration platform – and this in all branches. The transition of the telephone system to the cloud-based collaboration solution Webex Calling andWebexMeetings not only increases the flexibility, but it also reduces costs. Additionally, SPORTLER relies on a high-performing and sustainable Cisco Enterprise LAN andWi-Fi network between its approximately40SPORTLER branches and subsidiaries. “Whoever is looking for quality without compromise, decides for Cisco. We can really rest easy by having NTS as a Cisco partner,” assures Eduard Rizzi, IT Infrastructure SPORTLER. Already some years ago, the Bolzano-based business started to migrate the entire old infrastructure from other providers to Cisco. “Nowwe are experiencing the advantages. All employees, ever the less IT-savvy ones, are very happy with the achieved improvements,” confirms Betti. THE SPORTY LOVE NETWORK Quality, expert advice and individuality. The family-run sports equipment specialty store inspires sport-enthusiastic people for more than 45 years. Besides a high customer satisfaction, the company counts on the will for digital innovation. Cisco and NTS are supporting in the areas of network, Cloud and collaboration. Words by: Daniela Haag Photo by: NTS SUCCESS STORY SUCCESS STORY SPORTLER inspires for more than 45 years, and it counts on digital innovation. » NTS IS SOLVING OUR PROBLEMS SWIFTLY WITH COMPREHENSIVE EXPERIENCE IN ALL AREAS – FROM NETWORKING ALL THE WAY TO TELEPHONY. NTS IS A STRATEGIC PARTNER FOR GROWTH. « Giordano Betti, IT Director, SPORTLER FACTS F amily-run sports equipment specialty store 600 employees 2 8 stores in the Alpine region Online shop 4 00 high-quality brands Under contract by the Italian Chambers of Commerce, the IT company InfoCamere has been managing the official register of Italian companies since 1993. registroimprese.it is one of the first completely digitalized registers in Europe. Thus, it is one of the most important achievements to promote the competitiveness of companies and to strengthen their growth. The digitalization allows citizens, companies, professional organizations, experts as well as the public administration access to balance sheets, statements and the like and it enables the processing of legally required administration tasks. Thereby, the challenge is to network the chambers of commerce around-the-clock to be able to provide information. InfoCamere achieves this by using the most innovative and the most up-to-date IT solutions and with the support fromNTS. DIGITAL KNOW-HOW IN THE SERVICE OF BUSINESSES In 2017, InfoCamere was looking for a competent, trustworthy IT partner and entrusted itself to NTS upon a Cisco recommendation. NTS developed a modern Cisco-ACI solution for InfoCamere with built switching systems for the data center in order to connect all servers and to ensure that all services are simple, secure, and intuitively accessible. Using a concrete case as an example, it means that information must be obtained from different servers in the background so that a request for a balance sheet to a chamber of commerce can be fulfilled in real time. Therefore, the high-speed IT network always conforms to the highest security standards. NTS is a reliable partner for InfoCamere for the administration of complex, sensitive databases. THE RELIABILITY OF A UNIQUE ARCHIVE Under contract by the Italian Chambers of Commerce, InfoCamere succeeds, thanks to the know-how of NTS Italy, in keeping the balance sheets of Italian companies safe and to make them reliably retrievable. Words by: Kunigunde Weissenegger Photo by: NTS Italy Mario Rosi, NTS Italy Senior Systems Engineer, has been taking care of InfoCamere since 2017 in a diligent and reliable manner. FACTS Established in: 1974 4 locations in Italy: Padua, Milan, Rome and Bar Approximately 1,000 employees More than 6 million registered companies 100 million transactions per year IInfoCamere relies on Cisco® Application Centric Infrastructure (Cisco ACITM) and Cisco Nexus 9000 Data Center Switches from NTS 68 69