The distance between Brennercom and NTS Italy in Bolzano is just about five kilometer as the crow flies and the encounter at eye level is not only expressed by the upward expansion of both corporate offices: personal and direct communication is important for both. The alliance of NTS and Brennercom is built on trust that has been ongoing for ten years already, and the customer can depend day and night on the reliability and the technical competence of NTS. Within a short amount of time, professional assistance and support for both, consulting and particularly the 24/7 standby as well as the callouts, are all ensured thanks to being geographically close. Although digitalization systems have a lot of advantages, important projects should be discussed face-to-face. It is also important that the project team is on-site several times to be able to gauge the situation better. PARTNER ON SITE FOR BUSINESS WITHOUT BORDERS BrennercomAGwas founded in 1998 and has been part of the Retelit Group since 2020. The company fromBolzano ismarket leader with regard to ICT (information and communication technologies) on the axis running from Milan to Munich. Brennercom as a service provider is available as a single-point-of-contact for companies, the public administration and operating companies and it is able to develop complex, tailor-made solutions for every requirement. 63 percent of the 100 best-known companies in South Tyrol and 44 percent of the top companies inTrentino are customers of Brennercom thanks to the glass fiber network and to its own data center. To be ready for the challenges of innovation, the company relies on high-performing and reliable services regarding connectivity, data center, Cloud, and security as well as on reliable partners such as NTS. CONNECTING PEOPLE AND PLATFORMS Businesses that want to face the challenges of innovation and digitalization between Milan and Munich rely on Brennercom – they, in turn, rely on NTS. Words by: Kunigunde Weissenegger Photos by: Brennercom » THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN BRENNERCOM AND NTS IS A PROFESSIONAL AND A PERSONAL ONE: WE LIKE TO DISCUSS TECHNICAL CHALLENGES AND NEW TECHNOLOGIES AFTER WORK WITH A PIZZA OR WITH AN AFTER-HOUR BEER. « Thomas Feichter, Network Specialist Brennercom SUCCESS STORY FACTS E stablished in 1998 P art of the Retelit Group since 2020 A pproximately 155 employees NTS customer since 2010 N TS supports Brennercom in the areas of MPLS backbone as well as storage and backup Out of Bolzano, NTS Italy looks after the world’s largest aerospace supplier: With its 15,000 employees in 40 production locations in 12 countries all over the globe, GKN Aerospace supplies all large aircraft and engine manufacturers. The modern technologies of the international company that is headquartered in Filton in the UK improve the performance of air traffic with airplane structures, engine systems and specialty products. GKN Aerospace is working very closely with universities, research centers, suppliers, and customers. Therefore, GKN Aerospace is able to press aheadwith a revolutionary development of newtechnologies for the improvement of the efficiency and to reduce costs, weight and emissions. Innovation is a continuous process. Hence, it is crucial to have access to a global R&D network of different abilities and experiences. COMPLETELY INDEPENDENT AND PERMANENTLY PRODUCTIVE GKN Aerospace relied on NTS Italy for the important step of networking all globally spread-out locationswith a secure technology. The intelligent, efficient and flexible solution for the de-centrally organized business goes by the name of Cisco SDWAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network) and it had the target to reduce delays and costs after the innovation. The solution from NTS has been captivated globally on all five continents. It was the common goal of all 40 locations, to increase the performance respectively the speed and to improve the redundancy. The individual locations are now not dependent on a single line anymore and the production can continue smoothly during a breakdown. The transition to SD-WANwas furthermore an accelerator for further initiatives that could then be tackled and implemented. INTO THE FUTURE WITH HIGH-SPEED With its 40 production locations on 5 continents, GKN Aerospace supplies more than 90% of aircraft and engine manufacturers internationally. For networking it relies on Cisco SD-WAN from NTS. Words by: Kunigunde Weissenegger Photo by: GKN Aerospace Innovation inspires: All large aircraft and engine manufacturers rely on the modern technologies of GKN Aerospace. SUCCESS STORY Bolzano-headquartered Brennercom is part of the Retelit Group since 2020. FACTS Headquartered in Filton near Bristol 40 locations in 12 countries on 5 continents 15,000 employees Relies together with NTS on Cisco SD-WAN since 2019 Before 1.5 Gbit/s bandwidth, now 15–20 Gbit/s 71 70