TECHNOLOGICAL CURIOSITY No matter if in New Zealand, in Alaska or in Sicily. No matter when, no matter where. The team in Bolzano stands for passion, curiosity, and team spirit as well as having the right partners on their side. Words by: Daniela Haag Photos by: photoworkers.at, Matteo Vegetti Since 2011, Matthias Ploner holds the position of Territory Manager in Bolzano, the southernmost location of NTS and he raves about his team: “Team spirit and technological curiosity are what have made us successful. When a team works well together, the success of our projects are gauranteed.”Most of the time, NTS accompanies their customers during the entire project duration and even beyond it. If something doesn’t work, NTS supports with professionalism. “For us, the customer is our priority, and it is mainly the customers’ challenges that we can only solve with the appropriate team and the right partners on our side. For example, the global coverage of service contracts. No matter if a router, a server or a switch is broken in New Zealand, in Alaska or in Sicily – when something happens, then there is the need for swift action.” For the team in Italy, “Relax, We Care” signifies the recognition of the customers’ needs. With this knowledge, it will subsequently be supplied as to what is requested and what is meaningful. “To have the energy and passion to always acquire new technology knowledge is rated as a basic condition at NTS. Nowadays, it is only in this manner that projects become a success and that customers are satisfied,” affirms Ploner. In South Tyrol, NTS customers include reputable companies like Brennercom, Dr. Schär and GKNAerospace. In future, the “Bolzano team” sees itself roaming outside of South Tyrol, like in the region Trentino for instance. A lot of new and exciting projects are waiting for NTS together with Cisco and with a strong team in engineering and sales on their side. TEAM FACTS ON LOCATION CLASSIC MOCHA: ITALIAN CLASSIC AS AN INDISPENSABLE START INTO THE MORNING AND THE FIRST ITEM ON THE AGENDA. NON-NEGOTIABLE. BOZEN/BOLZANO 27 Employees GO FOR GOLD Favorite partner: Cisco Gold since 2016. CLIMATE ALLIANCE 2025 Since 2019, NTS Bolzano is climate neutral. CUSTOMERS amongst others Brennercom, Dr. Schär, GKN Aerospace, InfoCamere, SPORTLER. TOGETHER We go for hikes in the mountains time and again. L'AVANTI Il dolce far molto: Matthias Ploner The tallest building in Bolzano is the 42-meter-high City Tower and it is the headquarters of NTS Italy. Since 2011 you are the Territory Manager for the IT company NTS Italy. When did your passion for IT start? Matthias Ploner: I gained my initial experiences in the IT sector back in 1995 and this experience still relates to my current job. In those days I was working as a technician for Cisco. Then I acquired the Cisco CCIE certification and came back to SouthTyrol in 2006. After a brief stint at a service provider, I ended up as theTerritoryManager for theBolzano location–with an excellent teamat my side. What is it that makes your team so outstanding? MP: With the NTS team in Bolzano, everything revolves around the teamspirit. When the crew collaborates well, the success is very often already secured. Additionally, our employees here in Bolzano arepermanentlylooking fornewsolutions with our manufacturers. All this with enthusiasmand passion. What do you need to bring along to become a part of the NTS team in Bolzano? MP: One should basically ask themselveswhether you are curious enough for new technologies and if you are prepared to learn new things. We request from our newemployees that theyshowa lot of passion and enthusiasm to acquire newskills. It is only with these skills that we can approach customers successfully. What is the approach of NTS Italy toward SmartWorking? MP: When I joined NTS in 2011, I came across a companywhere Iwas alreadyable to work approximately 40 % from home. However, not only from home, but also in a train or in a car. Basically everywhere, where connectivity was available. Today we recognize that it is very important for every teammember to have a fixed working place in the office, but that one alsohas the same amenities at home aswell. For quite some time, security is one of the main IT topics. Is this justified? MP: Yes, because today IT must be secure. Every conversation with a customer or a manufacturer revolves around IT security. One has to admit though that there is never 100 % security. However, it depends on every single individual how disciplined security processes can be implemented. On the other hand, many manufacturers and security experts need COMFORT ZONE BOLZANO In a brief interview, Territory Manager Matthias Ploner explains why passion is so important in the IT, why we can no longer do without security topics, and why the climate is right in Bolzano – in every aspect. Words by: Daniela Haag Photo by: NTS our support for introducing newsolutions and very solid security processes. In my opinion, it is very important that you can rely on established security providers and their solutions. How does the topic sustainability fit into IT? MP: Six years ago, I went to London for amaster course, and Iwas confrontedwith a CO2 compensation calculation by the finance department. Back then I asked myself what this is for. Only three years later, in 2018, I discussed with my team in Bolzano if we should define CO2 neutrality as a target as well. We subsequently did this, we joined the climate alliance 2025 and since 2019 we are climate neutral. We all together have to implement these important steps if we want to leave at least the same world that we have now to our descendants. RELAX,WE CARE INTERVIEW Matthias Ploner: fascinated by IT since 1995, since 2011 passionate Territory Manager in Bolzano. 67 66