Splunk is a leading data platform for security and observability, it is extendable and open for any of your own desired applications. Splunk provides transparency for the entire stack, enables consolidated security and removes barriers between data and actions. Several tens of thousands of companies, amongst them 96 of the Fortune 100, are already turning data into doingwith the help of Splunk. Unleash innovation, strengthen your cybersecurity, and create resiliency for your entire business –with Splunk. www.splunk.de » IT IS ALWAYS IMPORTANT FOR US TO FIND THE RIGHT PARTNER AND THE RIGHT SOFTWARE PRODUCTS. WE HANDLE IT THE SAME WAY AS WE HANDLE THE QUALITY OF OUR SOFTWARE PRODUCTS: WE ONLY CHOOSE AMONGST THE BEST AND TOGETHER WITH SPLUNK AND NTS WE HAVE FOUND THE RIGHT PARTNER. « Andreas Sartori, Head of Cyber Security & Advisory, Porsche Informatik TURN YOUR DATA INTO DOING With Splunk, the data platform for hybrid business models. © iStock ITALY RILASSATI, CI PENSIAMO NOI BZN — p. 66-67 RELAX, WE CARE