SUCCESS STORY ‘Die Zieglerschen’ is an enterprise that is run by the ‘Diakonie’, a charitable organization of Protestant churches in Germany. Founded more than 175 years ago, it is headquartered in the upper Swabien town of Wilhelmsburg. The company runs hospitals, senior citizen centers, schools, facilities for people with disabilities, boarding schools, kindergartens, therapy centers, counselling centers and much more with 56 locations between Stuttgart and Lake Constance. New challenges have emerged in the social economy driven by the digital shift and the establishment of new business models. In order to prevent them from missing the boat, ‘Die Zieglerschen’ focus on the digital transformation in their enterprise. To help with the successful expansion of their network, the enterprise did not only look for a partner that is present in the area of LakeConstance, but also for a partner with a strong background and an experienced vision on scaling. Therefore, ‘Die Zieglerschen’ relied on the long-standing expert knowledge and core competencies of NTS and invested in a modern and scalable network. The central infrastructure was extended optimally by using Cisco Meraki in different locations. There are a wide variety of different Cisco Meraki switches in use, and this portfolio will be fullyexpanded in theyears to come. A large part of the administration staff » IT IS MY PERSONAL DREAM THAT WE, AS A SOCIAL ENTERPRISE, ARE ABLE TO CONNECT WITH EACH OTHER WITH OUR IT - ALL INTERNAL OR EXTERNAL PLAYERS - IN THE HEATLHCARE SECTOR. « Gerburg Joos-Braun, Head of IT at ‘Die Zieglerschen’. NEW NODES IN THE CARE NETWORK Together with NTS and Cisco, ‘Die Zieglerschen’ are taking advantage of the potentials of digital transformation and are expanding their central infrastructure with a Cisco Meraki solution at several locations. Words by: Ivana Puskaric Photo by: Die Zieglerschen can be found in home office due to the pandemic. Therefore, a powerful network that works in different locations became indispensable. Within a very short time, collaboration tools such as Cisco Webex were introduced to ensure networking and the continuation of the committeework as well as tomaintain the productivity. In the future, the company aims to focus even more on collaborationopportunities inorder to connect clients on-site with their friends and families: “It is my personal ‘Die Zieglerschen’ count on NTS for their network rollout. dream that we, as a social enterprise, are able to connectwith each otherwith our IT - all internal or external players - in the healthcare sector, as well as in the support sector”, emphasizes Gerburg Joos-Braun, Head of IT at ‘Die Zieglerschen’. FACTS ‘ Die Zieglerschen e.V.’ – Wilhelmsdorf activities of the “Diakonie”, a charitable organization of Protestant churches in Germany 1 75 years of charitable work 5 6 locations 8 8.7 million Euro revenue (2020) FACTS N etwork with high availability and good performance S ecurity: possibility of a central configuration including the monitoring of alarms E xchange of network components P rofessional project management 2020 SUCCESS STORY A NETWORK FIT FOR THE FUTURE As part of a Europe-wide tender for the exchange of network components, NTS was convincing with their clearly structured concept that was described in every detail. This project targeted the installation and the launch of a modern, highly available network for the district council (“Landamt”) Bodenseekreis in Friedrichshafen. The network had to display a good performance and needed to have the possibility of a central configuration including the monitoring of alarms. Words by: Daniela Haag Photo by: Landratsamt Bodenseekreis The network components of the district council Bodenseekreis reached the end of their lifetime and the implementation of 802.1X, with many different profiles, whichwas a technical challenge. “Not only was NTS convincing during the tender stage with the demonstration of the tasks that needed to be performed, but alsowith their future-proof recommendations”, explains the ITManager of the district council Bodenseekreis, Markus Döhler. NTS provided a project manager for the entire duration of the project, who acted as a single-point-of-contact. The project manager drove all topics internallyaswell as externally in a controlled way. “We were impressed by the technical expertise of NTS, but likewise by the very good execution of the project management that worked out to be a tremendous support for all employees thatwere involved”, says a content Markus Döhler. The entire project has been implemented entirely with products from the manufacturer Cisco. In this context, all newcore switches have been clustered into a virtual switch. In the access layer as well, all switches are connected to a logical cluster by stacking modules. The connection to the individual stacks is carried out via several 10 Gbit/s connections to the core switches. Additionally, a central management environment was put into effect in order to provide more security, to greatly NTS network for the district council Bodenseekreis; easy to operate and fit for the future. » OUR CLIENTS WERE CONVINCED BY THE HIGHLY AVAILABLE NETWORK WE OFFERED THEM, ALONG WITH THE GOOD PERFORMANCE THAT HAS THE POSSIBILITY OF A CENTRAL CONFIGURATION, INCLUDING THE MONITORING OF ALARMS. « Jürgen Tabojer Sales Manager Germany, NTS facilitate the implementation during daily operation and to shape the network that is fit for the future. 62 63