» THE DEPLOYMENT OF NEW NETWORK TECHNOLOGIES OPENS UP COMPLETELY NEW, AGILE AND EFFICIENT WAYS IN THE FIELDS OF NETWORK MANAGEMENT AND TROUBLESHOOTING. THE PARTNERSHIP-BASED CONSULTATION BY NTS SHOWED US WAYS TO USE THE TOOLS IN AN IDEAL MANNER. IT FURTHERMORE DEMONSTRATED NEW OPPORTUNITIES FOR A BEFORE UNHEARD-OF VISIBILITY THAT CAN BE USED BY OUR USERS. THUS, THE VISION OF A NETWORK THAT IS PROACTIVELY CONTROLLED HAS BECOME MORE REAL BY A NOTCH. « Enterprise Architect IT infrastructure and network solution architect, voestalpine The quality of hard- and software is the basis for a high-performing network just like a stable foundation supports the highest skyscrapers. Building on this, NTS supports the global success of voestalpine on a technical level and it has developed a sustainable, modern, and software-oriented network architecture for the global player. Words by: Daniela Haag Photo by: voestalpine voestalpine is a globally leading company in the steel and technology sector with a combined competence for material and processing. The group is present all around the globe with approximately 500 affiliated companies and locations in more than 50 countries on all 5 continents. Since 1995, it is listed on theVienna stock exchange. Thanks to its premium product and system solutions, the group is one of the leading partners for the automotive andhousehold appliance industry. Furthermore, it is a world market leader in railway infrastructure applications, tool steel and special profiles. voestalpine is clearly committed to the global climate target andwith greentec steel it pursues a defined roadmap for the decarbonisation of steel production. You can only secure the future as a global player in challenging segments by having the right technology and the best partners. Therefore, the IT service provider NTS was chosen for the new design and the modernization of the network infrastructure in Austria, Germany and the Netherlands. In amulti-countryproject, a total of 3,500 Cisco Catalyst 9000 series network components have been exchanged in Austria, Germany and the Netherlands so far. Here, the focus is on mobility, Cloud, IoT and security fromaccess all theway to the core. The new LAN infrastructure is not only able to fulfill the high demands of voestalpine, but it is also equipped tomeet future requirements. The new network is mostly getting on without any conventional configuration work thanks to a built-in intelligence. The machine learnINTELLIGENT AND SECURE NETWORK ARCHITECTURE WITH CISCO DNA FACTS 50 countries on all 5 continents 500 affiliated companies and locations SUCCESS STORY voeatalpine counts on a new design for their network infrastructure from NTS. ing functionality takes care of context-related automation that is capable of self-learning. Thus, intuitive administration and routine tasks can also be accelerated considerably. 48 Modernize your applications and infrastructure to deliver better software to production, continuously. Learn more at tanzu.vmware.com