“We were facing a long overdue technical refresh of the IT infrastructure. During the partner selection, we quickly found out that we wanted to choose someone that comes with high technical skills and that also covers the requirement for specialized staff. It was also important to have a single contact despite different manufactures – around-the-clock,” explains Peter Burgstaller, Head of Central Hosting at SKIDATAwhen commissioning NTS. During the restructuring of the data center infrastructure, SKIDATA counted on an overall approach with the leading manufacturers Cisco, NetApp and Commvault. “I can see a great benefit mainly in the management, as the administration of our infrastructure was tremendously simplified,” explains Burgstaller. “NTS promised us to deliver a solution from one provider and they also provided it. At the end of the day, we got exactly what makes sense and whatworks.” The modernization of the LAN and the WLAN infrastructure from Cisco is truly an important basis for the further growth of SKIDATA. The result is a highly available IT infrastructure with a maximum bandwidth. Furthermore, as a kind of monitoring body, an integrated network security secures the authentication of the users before they can access the LAN or WLAN network. By now, the technologies are not only used in the headquarters in Grödig and in the recentlyoccupied offices in the WTC, but also at many locations around the globe. The package is completed by Commvault as a high-performing solution for data protection. Commvault provides an easily administrable platform with continuous security sequences and transparent reporting processes. “NTS has scored with a concept that is solution-oriented and that has reached far beyond the focus on hardware. Thanks to a justified pre-selection of manufacturing partners, NTS is veryconvincingwith their service-oriented approach and so far, they have kept all their promises,” adds Christian Steiner, SeniorManager ITInfrastructure at SKIDATA. KEEPING THE QUALITY OF YOUR WORD A network must be able to support digital businesses at the best possible rate. You not only need new technologies for it, but also the abilities for implementation, integration, and support. SKIDATA counts on NTS to be ready for a future-proof update in the sectors of network and data center. Words by: Daniela Haag Photo by: Skidata SKIDATA guarantees a perfect access management in the skiing area. SUCCESS STORY » NTS TAKES CARE OF A ROBUST SOLUTION AND THEY DO NOT PROMISE WHAT IS NOT POSSIBLE. « Peter Burgstaller, Head of Central Hosting, SKIDATA FACTS SKIDATA is an internationally leading company in access and admission control, and its management for airports, shopping malls, cities, hotels, hospitals, ski resorts and stadiums. SKIDATA Group is part of the publicly listed Kudelski Group (SIX: KUD.S). www.skidata.com CROSSING DIFFERENT WORLDS TOGETHER Thomas Stotter, Head of the Telecommunications Department of the Innsbrucker Kommunalbetriebe (municipal operations of the city of Innsbruck) explains more precisely: “As a municipal company, we are thinking in long-term periods. For us, it is not a priority to have quick returns, but we have reliability and longterm projects in our DNA.” One hundred years fromnow, we still want to be available for the business location and for the people thanks to our innovations. This thinking is also reflected in the partnership with NTS. Both companies have been in a business relationship since early 2000, which is well before the opening of the NTS location in Innsbruck, but these days nobody can recall how they found each other back then. Some years ago, NTS was already able to ultimately prove the value of the shared journey: During a huge power failure, the world was almost falling apart for IKB. Back then, theywere getting nowherewith our former supplier from Thursdays to Saturday midnight and, being in need, Stotter called NTS on Sunday at lunch time – this still without any maintenance or service agreement: “You are always stating ‘Relax, We Care’, but now it is time, and we urgently need your help.” This is how Stotter, a trained electrical engineer, and a commercial lawyer, remembers the decisive phone call. NTS experts were sitting in his office within hours, and they brainstormed and worked until they managed to have the most important things up and running At IKB, one department is opening up a source of drinking water with a lifecycle of several hundred years, another one is drafting an IT strategy for two, at the most three years. NTS as a responsible long-term partner of IKB, finds its way in all realms. Words by: Harald Müller Photo by: Thomas Stotter within a couple of hours. “The essential facts were the local proximity and the decade-long collaboration. This is an invaluable handling of a partnership in such an important environment as IT. ShouldNTS ever need something fromus, they can count on us any time.” Therefore, it does not come as a surprise that we have frequent professional exchanges and that we discuss assessments with the NTS experts. It goes without saying that this always happens at eye level. Stotter: “All the people that I know at NTS, from the beginning, have made their own way, but theyare still part of the team. This is characteristic for a company as it stands for steadiness and for the entire team.” SUCCESS STORY FACTS M unicipal service provider 100% public owned E mployees: > 250 P roducts telecommunications sector (amongst others): internet connections. Server housing – Cloud, Web services, broadband Glass fiber, data center The top “networker” for Innsbruck and the surrounding area: Thomas Stotter, Head of the Telecommunications Department. 46 47