6 NTS TIME TRAVEL An unabridged flashback 8 INTERVIEW ALEXANDER ALBLER The insides and outlook into the future 10 INTERVIEW HERMANN KOLLER A man who looks for the bigger picture 12 NTS MANAGEMENT Who’s who at NTS 14 NTS EXPERIENCE Ba boom! At the pulse of our customers 16 CLOUD SERVICES – SUBSCRIPTION ECONOMY Cloudy moods with NTS. Do you still buy or are you a subscriber? 18 DEFENSE SERVICES 360 degrees comprehensive carefree package 19 SECURITY SERVICE NTS is the BBG security partner 20 MANAGED SERVICES NTS experts for responsibility 21 ADV – AUSTRIAN DIGITAL VALUE About the digitalization professionals 22 WE CAN BE HEROES Joyful into the NTS universe 26 A MEETINGWITH THOMAS HAUSEGGER AND HARRY NEUMAYER Two driven men pushing the throttle 28 GRAZ Grown-up growth 29 VIENNA Collect your customers, don’t run them over 30 KLAGENFURT Enchanting must-see office 31 SALZBURG Convincing standards 32 LINZ The star, our team 33 INNSBRUCK Software and Humanware 34 DORNBIRN In the digital portal of the Rhine Valley 36 SUCCESS STORIES AUSTRIA Red Bull, KNAPP, KAGes, BRZ, FH Kärnten, Barmherzige Brüder, Porsche Informatik, AT&S, OMICRON, Medizinische Universität Innsbruck, Innsbrucker Kommunalbetriebe, SKIDATA, voestalpine 52 MEETING JÜRGEN TABOJER Everything on target, always on the go 54 FRIEDRICHSHAFEN With both legs on the ground at Lake Constance 55 AUGSBURG Between a historic center and the new opening 56 ROSENHEIM We remain the same and NTS stays! 57 LEIPZIG The Leipzig switch-hunter 58 REUTLINGEN The Swabian dream came through 60 SUCCESS STORIES GERMANY Haufe, ifm, Die Zieglerschen, Landratsamt Bodenseekreis 66 BOLZANO Italian technological curiosity 67 MEETINGMATTHIAS PLONER About the comfort zone Bolzano 68 SUCCESS STORIES ITALY SPORTLER, InfoCamere, Brennercom, GKN Aerospace 72 RED CARPET Major and small moments alike – we celebrate all of them! 74 REFERENCES Who recommends NTS? 18 22 72 8 10 16 CONTENT NO EMPTY PHRASES FROM THE NTS FOUNDERS A. ALBLER AND H. KOLLER. 14 CLOUDY INSIDE VISIONARY WITH THE NTS EXPERTS. NTS UNIVERSE HOW DOES IT REVOLVE. GOLDEN MOMENTS A TWO-YEAR JOURNEY WITH PICTURES. WOW-EFFECT SUCCESSFUL WITH THE FITTING CX STRATEGY. COMPREHENSIVELY CAREFREE WITH NTS DEFENSE SERVICES SO THAT YOU CAN SWITCH OFF COMFORTABLY. 5 4