WITHOUT COMPROMISES! I love being an entrepreneur. I consider it to be a reputably nice task to lead a business, to be responsible for employees along with their employment conditions, for partners and for several hundred customers with their specific needs on top of everything else that is related to it. From the very beginning, along with this sense of responsibility, this is how HermannKoller and I have guidedNTS, almost likewith the touch of an invisible hand. Twenty-seven years later, this sense of responsibility that was exemplified by management has been extended to all areas of NTS. It continues to be the fertile soil that nourishes our growth, that keeps the NTS team together and that naturally helps us keep our promise RELAX, WE CARE especially during challenging times such as during the recent two years. There is no other secret for the success of NTS, neither from the outside nor from the inside: Mutual respect, being open and transparent, a friendly and trustful cooperation, reliable products as well as know-how of the highest quality are all ingredients of the uncompromising responsibility thatwe have taken on. This year, we have surpassed the threshold of 500 employees. This is clear evidence that our path toward customer satisfaction is the right one and it is a well-earned success, forwhichon this occasion I personallywould like to cordially thank all parties involved. In the current edition of our RELAX magazine, you will be able to readwhat has happened at NTS andwhat is going to happen in the future. I wish youmuch enjoyment browsing and reading this edition! With best regards, ALEXANDER ALBLER CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER EDITORIAL MEDIA OWNER AND EDITOR NTS Netzwerk Telekom Service AG OWNERS NTS Alexander Albler, Hermann Koller PUBLISHER Content Performance Group GmbH, Hainburger Straße 33, 1030 Wien MANAGEMENT BOARD Eva-Maria Kubin, MA und Mag. Xenia Daum EDITORIAL STAFF Harald Müller, Kunigunde Weissenegger, Daniela Haag (NTS), Franz Lammer (NTS), Lisa Hauser (NTS), Ivana Puskaric (NTS) PROJECT MANAGEMENT Katharina Tieber (COPE), Franz Lammer (NTS), Katharina Wagner (NTS) ART DIRECTION & GRAPHICS Bozica Miloseska (COPE), Joanna Jagiello (COPE), Lisa Hauser (NTS) PROOFREADING Barbara Hofmann, Daniela Haag (NTS) PRODUCTION Styria Media Design – m4! Mediendienstleistungs GmbH & Co KG, www.styria.com/mediadesign MANUFACTURER Druck Styria GmbH & Co KG, Herstellungsort: Marburg, Slowenien The editorial staff compiled this magazine with the greatest possible care. Nevertheless, some information might be out-of-date since the editorial deadline. All personal terms are considered gender neutral and shall be read as male or female. The responsibility for the printed advertisements lies exclusively with the respective advertising companies. DISCLOSURE IN ACCORDANCE WITH §25 AUSTRIAN MEDIA LAW www.copegroup.com/impressum/offenlegung COVER PHOTOGRAPH Lupi Spuma IMPRINT Setting the course for the future (from left to right): Michael Seewald (Chief Operating Officer), Petra Seewald (Chief Productivity Officer), Alexander Albler (Founder and Chief Executive Officer), Vinzenz Ferk (Chief Financial Officer) and Thomas Bartl (Chief Commercial Officer). LESEN SIE! READ IT! LEGGA! Do you prefer to read on your tablet, smartphone or on your monitor? Then find the online versions of RELAX on www.nts.eu/relaxmagazin in English, German and Italian as well as a downloadable PDF version. Photo by: photoworkers.at This product consists of material made from FSC®-certified forests that are managed to the highest standards, from recycled material and from other controlled sources. 3