Rating: 1 = very good, 5 = unsatisfactory CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: 1.04 Average for the year 2021 THE STORY SO FAR 1995 Founded by Alexander Albler and Hermann Koller as “Koller und Albler OEG” 1996 NTS becomes a premium reseller of Cisco 1999 Relocation to the present location Raaba-Grambach 2000 Founding of the Vienna location, 14 employees 2002 Change of legal structure from OEG to AG 2005 32 employees in Raaba- Grambach and Vienna 2010 77 employees at 4 locations 2006 Dell EMC became a manufacturing partner 2007 Founding of the Linz location 2009 Founding of the Innsbruck location 2011 Founding of NTS Italy, first Cisco silver partner in Trentino-Alto Adige, VMware partner 2012 NetApp gold partner, with already 127 employees 2013 Expansion of the NTS headquarters in RaabaGrambach 2014 Founding of the Dornbirn location and NTS North America 2016 Founding of the Klagenfurt location, a revenue of more than 80 million Euros, 200 employees, Cisco Gold Partner in Italy 2017 Founding of NTS Germany and NTS Switzerland, partnership with Microsoft, 250 employees at 12 locations, a revenue of 91 million Euros 2018 Founding of the Rosenheim and Leipzig locations, Cisco Gold Partner in Germany, 284 employees 2019 Founding of the Augsburg location, 355 employees 2020 Building extension of the NTS headquarters in Raaba-Grambach and 25th anniversary 2021 Founding of the Reutlingen location, 500 employees NTS Netzwerk Telekom Service AG headquartered in Raaba-Grambach near Graz was founded in 1995 by the owners Alexander Albler and Hermann Koller. Many milestones, employees, technology partnerships, openings of new locations, awards as well as highlights shaped the path of NTS during the recent 27 years and a leading IT service provider emerged from a small IT company. See for yourself, as you are gladly invited to follow our time travel though the world of NTS. We can already reveal as much: from our side the future is going to remain exciting. 2015 Founding of the Salzburg location, a revenue of more than 70 million Euros Luck is elusive – the satisfaction of our customers can be measured! Always in real-time and up to date on our webpage www.nts.eu 7 6