» ‘NO MOANING IS ENOUGH PRAISE’ IS A FAMOUS SAYING AMONGST IT PEOPLE. HOWEVER, NTS CAN GLADLY BE PRAISED! « Karl Kocever, Head of IT Infrastructure and Administration Systems, KAGes During the ongoing operation of the IT infrastructure, KAGes cannot particularly do without collaboration solutions, besides having a stable network technology and a support for the data centers. The decision to rely on technology standards by Cisco proves itself each day and it fosters an efficient patient care. Words by: Franz Lammer, Ivana Puskaric Photo by: photoworkers.at A conversation with Karl Kocever, Head of IT infrastructure and administrative systems, KAGes, about digital experiences and the right decisions. Together with NTS, a Cisco video conferencing system was introduced as early as 2011. Could you please tell us what has happened since? Karl Kocever: Back then we started with the so-called “tumor conferences”, where we compared and interpreted medical reports or X-ray images of cancer patients via video conferences within KAGes. Up to this day, it helped our specialists to quickly discuss complex cases independent of the location and within a relativelyshort amount of time. To give an example, patients with a suspected stroke will currently receive their first diagnosis via video conference from a specialist based in a different KAGes location. Howhas thecollaborationof the18,000 employees of KAGes changed in recent times? KK: Due to the pandemic, a number of meetings changed to Cisco Webex, from board meetings to specialist meetings in the clinical area. To a great extent, trainings are conducted viaWebex. We generally benefit from the digitalization and so does the entire health care for the province. NTS is also looking after your data center and takes care of the modernization of the network. Why did you choose NTS for this job aswell? KK: In the data center and in the LAN area we use a well-thought-out network architecture by Cisco – always stable, scalable and secure thanks to NTS. We are able to guarantee a more efficient care of patients due to the improvement of the internet connections and the network between all hospitals. The modernization of our data center is based on Cisco ACI, a modern application-centered infrastructure solution for network visualization and network provisioning. With regard to support, maintenance, quality, and security, it is worth in all respects to go with a uniform and innovative system. The recent alteration was without friction, and it can be compared to an “open” heart surgery. DIGITAL DIAGNOSIS AND ELECTRONIC TEMPERATURE CHARTS SUCCESS STORY A digital exchange between specialists for the benefit of the patients. Digital tumor conferences between different KAGes locations. FACTS S tyrian Hospitals Limited Liability Wholly owned by the province of Styria. 10 regional hospitals and 4 regional nursing care centers 24 locations 18,200 employees FACTS With NTS: since the beginning of 2017 Established in: 1997 Employees: 1,550 Revenue 2020: appr. 351 million Euros SUCCESS STORY The center for IT and for data in our country is becomingmore andmore of a higher profile with the increasing digitalization and the growing data awareness of the population: The Austrian Federal Computing Centre (short: BRZ as abbreviated from its German name Bundesrechenzentrum), which is headquartered in Vienna, takes charge of all domestic E-government applications and it especially deals with the security of all data that is associatedwith it. MORE THAN 400 E-GOVERNMENT APPLICATIONS BY THE BRZ The BRZ oversees 30,000 IT jobs in more than 300 locations and operates one of the biggest data centers in the country with more than 4,000 servers. FinanzOnline is one of the most important ones out of more than 400 (!) E-government applications. More than 4.8 million people file their tax returns online. Besides that, notable products of the BRZ include HELP.gv.at with 1.8 million hits per month or the human resources management SAP installation that conducts more than 385,000 payrolls per month for the Federal Government. The challenges that relate to E-government tasks are huge. To keep the competitiveness on the market, flexibility and speed during the deployment of applications are critical. Both can only be better accomplished with sophisticated IT solutions. TRANSPARENCY IS THE KEYWORD: CISCO TETRATION Diverging communication patterns can onlybe identified quicklywhen all application dependencies and data streams are transparent. Therefore, the BRZ counts on a solution fromNTS,which exactlyensures this transparency: Cisco Tetration. Via this platform, the users of Cisco Tetration can monitor the condition of servers and network devices with sensors, especially in virtualized environments. Thus, data is supplied that can be used for the optimization of the infrastructure. Cisco Tetration offers an integral protection of workloads of multicloud data centers via a zero-trust model by means of segmentation. “The solution that is used offers a better overviewof the communication paths of applications and therefore gives us the opportunity to conduct network activations in a way that is even more granular and more cut down to the bare bone. Thus, an increase in safety is naturally created,” explainsWolfgang Danzinger of the BRZ. THE ANSWER TO ALL QUESTIONS ABOUT SECURITY It is background knowledge, but only for insiders and visionaries: Data is the crude oil of the future. With an asset that is so fiercely contested, one has to be prepared for all questions regarding security for this and for any other development – and you have to be prepared. Words by: Harald Müller/NTS Photo by: BRZ/Six In the matter of E-government, Austria takes a leading role internationally. » NTS IS A GREAT SUPPORT AND CAPTIVATES WITH HIGH TECHNICAL EXPERTISE AND QUALITY. « Wolfgang Danzinger, Department Head Infrastructure/ Central Services, BRZ 39 38