A GLOBAL NETWORK FOR RED BULL tion to attacks from the outside. NTS is globally taking care of the firewall infrastructure of Red Bull, from the smallest office all the way to the larger locations, such as the headquarter in Fuschl or the newly erected production location in Glendale, Arizona. With growing challenges, scalable and innovative network solutions are on the increase. Red Bull counts on 340 locations on Cisco Meraki, a network solution that is completely administered via the Cloud. No matter when, no matter where – you canmanage locations globally froma central platform with Cisco Meraki. The start-up is done via a Zero-Touch enrolment – flexibility is priority with this solution. Currently, there are 2,600Meraki devices active. The fact that one provides IT services for one of the most famous companies in the world vouches for a certain standard of quality. “NTS has done a lot of things right over the past fewyears”, says the ITManager of the Red Bull Group and he adds, “we are for sure an attractive, but also a very demanding customer with regard to quality and speed”. These are exactly the challenges that are mastered by NTS with a reliable and sustainable network operation for 340 Red Bull locations – globally and 24/7. NTS not only takes care of the local networks of the Red Bull Group but also of the connections between the individual locations. Red Bull always gives the highest priority to themaximalWLANrequirements, reliability, and system availability – especially during events where NTS is called in as support, nomatter if we talk about soccer, alpineworld cup skiing events or Formula 1 races. The challenges during live events are considerable. Therefore, it is necessary that the network infrastructure is safe and stable. “If we had problems with the network, nothingwouldwork”, stresses the Head of IT Infrastructure. Safety First applies to Red Bull as well. In the field of security NTS supports Red Bull with an efficient and proactive reac- » WE ARE FOR SURE AN ATTRACTIVE, BUT ALSO, A VERY DEMANDING CUSTOMER. « » THE NTS NETWORK SOLUTIONS FORM THE FOUNDATION OF THE GROUP-WIDE IT SOLUTIONS OF RED BULL. « NTS takes care of the entire network operation for the entire Red Bull Group with its 340 locations globally. Words by: Daniela Haag/Michael Samec Photos by: Marija Kanizaj, Jürgen Skarwan/Red Bull Content Pool NTS takes care that 340 Red Bull locations are connected on-line 24/7. FACTS 340 locations globally More than 2,600 active Meraki devices 33,000 unique wireless clients 6,500 active switchports 1,245 TB data via the Meraki infrastructure 79.894 billion cans sold 13,610 employees FACTS T echnological company for digitalization and automation > 55 locations > 6,000 employees worldwide Revenue FY 2020/21: 1.06 billion Euros SUCCESS STORY Red Bull headquarters in Fuschl am See: central offices for 340 locations globally. SUCCESS STORY More than 6,500 employees and approximately 55 locations of the KNAPP Group globally are shaping logistics, an industry sector of the future. KNAPP understands itself as a Value Chain Tech Partner and provides intelligent automatization technologies and comprehensive software solutions fromone source to its customers in order to master the challenges of digitally driven value-added chains. Reputable and successful businesses such as Zalando, Adidas or the Würth Group count on solutions from KNAPP for the structuring of their value-added chains. This success model needs to be streamlined andmade sustainable bymeans of IT technology. Here, KNAPP relies on an innovative network design by Cisco and NTS. Basic requirements for the choice of partner respectively networkwere security, availabilityanda reliableManagedService. CISCO DNA-CENTER MEETS KNAPP-DNA For KNAPP, an efficient and secure operation is essential, especially when the network basis, which acts as a backbone for central IT services, is concerned. Therefore, the new network is built on Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA). IT teams are able to intuitively carryout processes for design, provision, guidelines and warranty bymeans of a central management dashboard. PROACTIVE WITH NTS MANAGED SERVICES The rapid increase of devices that have to be networked, the augmented target for attacks, the increasingly expected flexibility, but also the growing complexity require proven, secure and stable technology services. “Away from reacting – being proactive”. This is howAlexander Aldrian, Vice President Corporate IT at KNAPP, describes one of the main advantages that KNAPP verifiably experiences because of the NTS Managed Services. “It needs to be assured that our business is operational, even at off-peak times, on public holidays and onweekends. For us it is essential that critical issues aredetectedbefore thedamage is done or before downtimes occur.” DATA-CENTER OUTLOOK WITH UCS-X The advantages of Rack- and Blade systems should be combined by upgrading the existing UCS platforms to the newCisco UCS-X series. Additionally, this architecture has got an administration softTOGETHER ON A JOURNEY INTO THE FUTURE The globally active technology company KNAPP relies on an innovative network design by Cisco, which is designed, implemented and maintained by the IT service provider NTS. As an add-on in the UCS sector, KNAPP recently decided for UCS-X, a flexible Hybrid-Cloud infrastructure. Words by: Daniela Haag Photos by: KNAPP » WE LIKE THAT NTS FOCUSES ON CUSTOMER REQUIREMENTS. SERVICE ORIENTATION, STATE-OF-THE-ART TECHNOLOGIES AND APPROACHES AS WELL AS KNAPP SPECIFICS ARE PERFECTLY IDENTIFIED AND COMBINED BY NTS. « Alexander Aldrian, Vice President Corporate IT, KNAPP KNAPP and NTS: local proximity despite digitalization. ware, that brings together the hybrid Cloud environments. Thereby, the SaaS range Intersight links up several Hybrid-Cloud tools. The newplatform is able toflexiblyprovide computing power, storage andworkingmemory. 37 36