DORNBIRN TEAM FACTS ON LOCATION “What is it that NTS Dornbirn can do, but others can’t?” “TO SPEAK THE VORARLBERG DIALECT!” 9 Employees network at the Dornbirn location. OLYMP A total of eight (out of 14) Olympic medals for Austria were won by sportspeople from the province of Vorarlberg. CONNECTIVITY It only takes 15 minutes by city train from Dornbirn to the lake shore swimming area on Lake Constance. “WORK PERMITTING, WE SOMETIMES SIMPLY TRANSFER COMMON MEETINGS TO THE COFFEE BAR.” “We just have done our homework,” is the brief summary of the necessary efforts that lasted many years in order to have more than one foot in the door in Switzerland. Already for some years, the Rhine Valleyregionhas beenclassifiedafter all as one of the top ten high-tech locations amongst 1,200 regions from the European Union. It is thus a fertile soil for Werner Mennel and his team of 10 that can access capacities at other locations thanks to the Hub-like structure of NTS. Regarding Switzerland, this is at the same time a problem: “It is a hard border to Switzerland, it is very strict and unfamiliar for EU citizens.” Because, putting it in brief words: whoever works in Switzerland also must be registered inSwitzerland. “So, it is a fact that you have people right there that work fromSwitzerland in Switzerland for Switzerland.” At the latest in 2025, a full NTS representation shall be established in the neighboring country. QUALITY, STABILITY, EFFECTIVITY Throughout all this, one fact is evident: The competition does not sleep, not in Vorarlbergnor in thewiderRhinevalley. A fertile environment for NTS in-between the ‘top dogs’: “At NTS, we don’t do aggressiveacquisitions at all,wemainlygrowdue to word-of-mouth recommendations. The rapid availability of our engineers – this is where our reputation really precedes us.” And how do you achieve that you are preceding your reputation? Mennel: “On our end, thisworks by itself. Six years ago, almost all of the currentlybiggest NTS customers did not know who or what NTS was. A little bit of regionality and a little bit of passion, this is a sound foundation.” Working and chatting in the NTS office in Dornbirn – but sometimes also at the coffee bar. THE DIGITAL RALLY OF THE RHINE VALLEY The geographical location for companies in Vorarlberg is a challenging one with regard to questions about expansion. NTS Dornbirn is in the midst of widening the horizon along the valley of the Rhine. Words by: Harald Müller Photos by: photoworkers.at, PRISMA Unternehmensgruppe BUSINESSMAN Focus on the future, the region behind him: Werner Mennel. 34 Modernize your IT operations with Dell VxRail You can expand the efficiency, the automatization and the standardization of VxRail even further with the VxRail satellite nodes. The VxRail turnkey experience starts with full stack integration of software and hardware control and visibility from top to bottom for a consistent, deeply integrated VMware environment. Dell VxRail is powered by the future-proof PowerEdge server platforms of the 15th generation and is the only jointly engineered HCI solution with VMware, optimized for VMware vSAN and designed to enable deep integration across the VMware ecosystem. An HCl solution is increasing the efficiency, enhances the scalability, decreases costs and offers the following on top of that: Consistent operations using native integration Familiar management tools Integrated Lifecycle Management APIs for extensibility If you would like to set new standards with a cost-efficient infrastructure solution addressing reliability, performance, and operational simplicity, then Dell VxRail is exactly just the thing for you.