TEAM WORKS 27 employees CUSTOMERS 3Banken IT, Energy AG, EWW AG, KTM, Liwest, Linz AG and many more. THE STAR, OUR TEAM You can describe in many words what makes up NTS, or you can also do it in a few: Relax, We Care. To make sure that this works, our booming, enthusiastic team in Linz finds the best possible conditions for it. Words by: Jürgen Stöttinger Photos by: Foto Fally, NTS The Linz team has grown tremendously over the last three years and it more than doubled during that time. For our employees to feel at ease, we were not only taking care of new premises, but together with the teamwe have also decided howto decorate them. The result is absolutely presentable. Modern ambiancewith state-ofthe-art technology with recreation zones, a seminar area and an unbeatable team: this is NTS Linz: “We are very happywith our location as it integrates very well into our corporate philosophy. Our office provides our teamwithmodernworking conditions in relaxed surroundings,” states Jürgen Stöttinger, NTS Engineering Manager in Linz. The centerpiece is a smart meeting room that is actually a seminar room, a meeting area and a venue for functions at the same time. All rooms are equipped with Cisco video endpoints. A social area with kitchen, meeting pod, huddle space and coffee area are inviting to interact. You can soak up the sunbeams on one of the three terrasses,weather permitting. “Creative and content working is of the highest priority at NTS. All employees should feel comfortable so that they can give their very best. Working in an independent and flexible manner is very important, next to a strong team spirit and a relaxedworking atmosphere” adds Daniel Knauer, whowill support the team as TerritoryManager fromsummer 2022. IT ALL BEGINS IN LINZ: ALMOST. LINZ WAS THE THIRD LOCATION AFTER GRAZ AND VIENNA. BUT THE FIRST ONE WITH HOME-BREWED BEER. LINZ TEAM FACTS ON LOCATION “THE INCIDER OF LINZ” There is delicious cider in Linz. NEWCOMER Daniel Knauer, Territory Manager from summer 2022. INNSBRUCK TEAM FACTS ON LOCATION NTS TOOK CARE OF A REAL EMERGENCY AT THE CUSTOMER IKB. FOR MORE DETAILS SEE PAGE 46. 7 IT FORUM Top speakers and a top program at the annual NTS event highlight in Igls. MATTHIAS STIGGER Territory Manager Innsbruck TEAM 41 employees network at the Innsbruck location. MOUNTAINOUS Großglockner, Serles, Similaun, Tschirgant, Wildspitze, are not only some of the highest summits in Tyrol, but also the names of our boardrooms. SOFTWARE AND HUMANWARE We all know that there are problems in the IT and with all manufacturers – this is quite normal. It is how you handle it that makes the difference. Here, NTS Tyrol distinguishes itself and it is a preference to watch customers grow. Words by: Harald Müller Photos by: iStock, photoworkers.at The standing of NTS Tyrol has been impeccable from the beginning. You can detect this great significance when looking at the increase in revenue, or youmeasure it at the continuously successful acquisition of new customers that mostly happen by recommendation, or by counting the number of loyal customers. “We are of course very happy to witness the growth of our existing customers.We have a lot of success stories, but this is always the nicest reward,” rejoices Matthias Stigger, NTSTerritoryManager in Innsbruck since 2019. The range of customers for him and his teamof 25 is spread over almost all industries. Froma geographical standpoint, you can find the local NTS customer not only in the area of Innsbruck butwell distributed throughout the entire province of Tyrol. WHERE DOES THE JOURNEY LEAD TO? “You can never replace human beings in IT, you will actually even need more people in the service industry in order to keep up the high quality that is required,” speculates Stigger, “There are so many interpersonal shades that cannot be replaced byAI or by technology.” Not least because of the irreplaceabilityof the togetherness, in Innsbruck one is dealing (like of course everywhere else at NTS) with the satisfaction of the employees. A snooker table and table soccer are on offer in the feel-good area in the NTS office, one goes sledding together or you get to know families and children during the very popular family days. That the well-being of employees is taken care of, has a very obvious reason. Stigger: “We are always here for our customers; we are continuously dedicated and focused. It sometimes can of course be quite challenging to provide Relax, We Care. This is where the team spirit is decisive, and the setting has to be right so that all competencies can interlock.” As the saying goes, not only in Tyrol: You can't make something out of nothing. The Nordkette Mountain range sits enthroned above the NTS location Innsbruck. For its customers, the team in Linz is motivated and eager from the start. 33 32