RELAX, WE CARE: MODERN WORKPLACES, FEEL-GOOD AREAS AND SEMINAR ZONES DEFINE THE LOCATION IN STRUBERGASSE. SALZBURG TEAM FACTS ON LOCATION RUPERTI! Each September there is fun fair in the historic center. CONVINCING STANDARDS It is the first impression that counts. The second counts as well. That’s why the NTS crew in Salzburg set the target to listen to their customers, to understand them and to subsequently offer tailor-made solutions to them. When looking at it closely, then this is a convincing approach. Words by: Daniela Haag Photos by: iStock, photoworkers.at The Salzburg team applies high standards. “The first day that you stop trying to become better, is the first one that you become worse”, is the slogan of Jürgen Wiesholzer, an NTS old hand for almost ten years. He has been taking care of reputable NTS customers in Salzburg since 2018. Since 2022 he holds the position of Territory Manager for the Salzburg area. He has always lent his ear to his conversation partners – listening as a feature of quality. As the motto is obvious: We are only offering here, what makes sense for the customer. Not more and not less. “We don’t do everything, but what we do, we do well,” he explains while sounding grounded and sympathetic. For this, it is a challenging task to find suitable team members with the right mindset and the will to take on individual responsibility. “We are looking for people who are first class technicians, but they must also fit into our team that know the NTS spirit, and thatwant to live by it.” The digital and analogue home of the Salzburg team is spread over 600 m2 in Strubergasse. The workplaces are modern, and they dominate the fourth floor next to the generous feel-good areas. The third floor comes with a seminar and event area. “This is where you can find technology on display but also to try your hand at it. For us, the personal exchange cannot be substituted,” emphasizes Wiesholzer and he refers to the importance of personal interaction. “Here in Salzburg, experts from all areas of technology are represented. It is the professional andhuman cooperation thatmakes working forNTS so special –and lastlythe benefit for our customers is unique. NTS is the first point of contact for all issues, irrespective of whether it is consulting, implementation, or regular support – all this 24/7 if required.” There is much more to Salzburg than being the city of Mozart. QUALITY GUARANTEED Honest and authentic in Salzburg: Jürgen Wiesholzer, Territory Manager Salzburg. 14 Employees network at the Salzburg location. CUSTOMERS Appr. 80, among them Red Bull, Spar, Porsche Informatik, Pappas, Skidata, Stiegl, Salzburg Archdiocese, Salzburg Airport, Lagermax, Atomic, Paracelsus Medical University, FH Salzburg. TERRITORY MANAGER Harald Reicher is in charge of Graz and Klagenfurt. NTS STAND-UP-PADDLE: MOBILITY REQUEST FOR THE SWIMMING SEASON. ON LOCATION KLAGENFURT MUST-SEE OFFICE It is not only the engineering solutions of NTS that keeps up with the latest trends, but also the human beings that are behind the technology. A small, but delicate location shows true greatness in a captivating atmosphere at the lake ‘Wörthersee’. Words by: Daniela Haag Photos by: Giovanni Pirajno The mobility master plan 2035 for Carinthia is aiming at the development of innovative, sustainable mobility and implementation concepts on three economic and education crossroads in Carinthia. The Southernmost home of NTS, the Lakeside Science & Technology Park Klagenfurt is one of them. The target of this initiative is the reduction of CO2 emissions next to the decrease of the individual motorized traffic. “For us, sustainablemobilityhas been important for quite some time. A secure and stable home office option as well as professional video conferences have always been a priority at NTS. We work autonomously and we enjoy the advantages that result for us from the technical progress”, explains Lydia Carlsson, Account Manager at the Klagenfurt location. Despite that, or exactly because of it, on our side the team spirit is not missing out. We are not only an attractive office for the team members at the location, but we are also always gladly receiving visitors from other locations.” Mobile, active and in touch with nature – this is how the teamwould describe itself. Mutual excursions into the mountains or to the lake ‘Wörthersee’ are always on the agenda. The business initiatives in Carinthia are also sportsmanlike. Renowned businesses such as FHKärnten, Gurk Diocese, City works Klagenfurt, City of Klagenfurt am Wörthersee, and ABC Service & production integrative business are NTS customers. “Technologically, we are very widely represented in Carinthia, and this across all industries. We are very proud of our Operations Center in Klagenfurt. Highly trained and certified experts take care of customer requests regarding system alterations and troubleshooting. And this around-the-clock,” explains Philipp Eisenmajer, Key Account Manager and native Styrian in Carinthia. TEAM FACTS At NTS, a local presence is top priority. One works openly and without constraint in the Lakeside Park. 12 Employees 25 Customers, among them are FH Kärnten, Gurk Diocese, City works Klagenfurt, City of Klagenfurt am Wörthersee, and ABC Service & production integrative business. HOBBY-MIX-TEAM Boxing, guitar, drums, hiking, climbing, skiing, swimming, running, cycling. LANGUAGE TALENT TEAM Hungarian, Croatian, English, Swedish, Albanian, Italian and Carinthian dialect. 31 30