INTERVIEW EVERYTHING ON TARGET, ALWAYS ON THE GO » SATISFACTION INCREASES THE WORK PERFORMANCE AND DECREASES THE ORGANIZATION EFFORT. « Jürgen Tabojer, Sales Manager Germany “These are still the same threads that have converged with me,” says Jürgen Tabojer, Sales Manager Germany. “Nothing has changed – there aren’t more than in the past, but the threads have now developed into thick ropes.” Words by: Harald Müller Photo by: Foto Scheinast Jürgen Tabojer, Sales Manager Germany. In its expansion strategy, NTS rely on a proven concept: taking good care of new locations and growing “organically” should be done with patience. It is the main task of Jürgen Tabojer to bring the growingNTS locations to blossomcontinuously. He describes his dailyworking life using the previous day as an example: “To behonest, Iwokeupyesterdayat04:30am, I drove several hundred kilometers, and returned home at 10pm after a business dinner. However, this is not a representative example, days like this one are more the exception.” THE RED THREAD WHERE THE THREADS CONVERGE All sales representatives meet every 6 to 8 weeks at one location to exchange information. This is essential as remotely a lot of non-verbal information gets lost. This might not be a very bad thing for a single meeting, but for Tabojer this is a scenario that should absolutely be avoided in the long run, because: “Despite the regional differences, each one of the currently five German locations should not move into a separate direction, but they should evolve the same way. They should have the same dailyworking routine, theyshould sell the same products and everywhere, new employees should be integrated into the NTS life the same way as well. For this, it is irreplaceable to get to knoweach other personallyand to empathizewitheachother.” For these tasks, Tabojer is supported by Katharina Wurmer, the Manager Inside Sales. The head of the internal sales team is the caring contact person for allmatters concerning the employees. One really wants to help newcolleagues to get settled well and fast between work, NTS benefits and personal responsibility. For Tabojer and Wurmer this is currently not a task that should be underestimated as the team inGermanyhas grown considerably since the last edition of the RELAXmagazine. NTS have opened up two new locations. InAugsburg, NTS opened anoffice a little bit outside of the historic center, as it was important to accommodate some There are also distinct differences between Germany and Austria though. In Austria every location should reach its location target, meanwhile in Germany every employee has a personal goal as well as an overall Germany target that should be achieved together. You can see it on the customer list, which is continuously increasing, that these targets are achieved in Germany. Furthermore, a lot of success stories speak for themselves. Whenmeasuring the success of each individual NTS location, an important part is playedbythe employee satisfaction that is however difficult to quantify. How is this perceived by the employees in Germanywhere companies normally very seldomdemand such a quality –howdo you find out if they are satisfied? JT: This isverysimple:We just ask them. Our employees are supposed to knowthat NTS wants that they are fully satisfied. central resources for the entire NTS group. “Wewere looking for a lot of space. However, it was also a decisive factor that the price level in Augsburg is almost the same as in Munich. In this case, we just took the liberty to look at the cost-benefit relationship aswell.” Reutlingen on the other hand, is the youngest child in the NTS universe and to establish this location is currently the main focus of attention for Tabojer. He is on the way to other locations approximately three days aweek or he stays here: “I rather prefer exchanging the hotel room for a small room in the historic center close to our locations so that I get to know the cities better. I prefer the city center, where something’s going on and where in the evening after work you have the freedomof not using a car. InReutlingen the NTS office is in fact only a short walking distance away from the historic center.” The headquarter of Tabojer in Germany is incidentally at the Augsburg location as it has good accessibility and a central location. However, the real head office of NTS Germany is Leipzig – “but this only due to corporate legal reasons”. Is there already the next location issue? Jürgen Tabojer: No, no, for the time being there are no new NTS Germany locations planned. Maybe in 2023 again. Nowwe are focusing on bringing the new offices to life and to populate the rooms as a completed onboarding of the new colleagues, this is more important than a rapid expansion. This is exactly what we call organic growth. Despite of all that, NTS is growing very quickly. Does this not have an impact on the NTS spirit at some stage? JT: This is not what I am expecting. We are continuously growing and thus, the effort is increasing to administer this growth so that we are not losing the control over something at some point. We always keep focused on the NTS spirit aswe can draw from our experiences very well. During the growth phase in Austria, we were able to experience the challenges that resulted from a healthy expansion like the one intended byNTS. These experiences are nowincorporated inGermany. Thus, the NTS spirit is not in danger. This is not a big secret or something cunning.Wewould like our people to staywith us, as we value their know-how. Employees that are satisfied with their employer, have a certain basic trust in the company are more loyal and more reliable. We as team managers can also give them more direct responsibility simply because they don’t want lose or risk what they have. Everybody, whowants towork, would like to combine thiswith a positive life experience. Nobodywants to go into a dark cellar voluntarily to the rat race, as thiswould be the other extreme: companies that bank on high fluctuations and that exploit the know-how and the willingness of their employees until they are exhausted and resign. This is not even imaginable for NTS, this is 100% the opposite of the values and the appreciation thatwas and that is exemplified by the founders of NTS. No, our conclusionmight sound sober, but it is very simple: Satisfaction increases the work performance and decreases the organizationeffort.One thing iswell known: To solve unexpected problems takes up more resources than to ensure that problems don’t occur. This is the guiding principle at NTS in engineering, but also at the working atmosphere andwith human beings. 53 52