REUTLINGEN TEAM FACTS ON LOCATION 5 Employees DOUGH “Mutschel” is the name of a star-shaped, traditional short pastry from Reutlingen. ‘DOUGH’ In the middle of the 20th century, Reutlingen was known as the “City of the Millionaires” due to its thriving economy. TOUGH The world’s narrowest road with a 31cm width at the narrowest point which can be found in the historic city center of Reutlingen. A brief explanation: The Stuttgart gate (“Stuttgarter Tor”) is the name of a newly constructed high-rise building with 17 floors right in the center of Reutlingen, where the newest NTS location set up its quarters. NTS gave - as always – the new presence in Reutlingen a lot of thought. Thus, being in between Stuttgart, Tübingen and Ulm one became part of the metropolitan region with 5.5 million inhabitants. Linked to it is of course also a prolific concentration of economic power: Today, Reutlingen itself has two business parks, an industrial area and a service park – all of it is a fertile ground for NTS aswell. Like with any new location, it is also the matter here in Reutlingen that new colleagues should be able to integrate into the NTS team. Accordingly, NTS adapts itself to regional particularities. A location mentor is the first contact who takes care of thewell-being of the newNTS colleagues as the location is still too small for a dedicated location head. It is also the task of Katharina Wurmer, who is the Head of the Inside Sales team of NTS Germany since the fall of 2021, to ensure trouble-free onboarding: “At the start of each new job, there are always a lot of questions, from the time logging and the parking spaces all the way to the leave applications.We cover all of this.We take the employees by the hand so that they can focus on theirwork.” The floor, from where you have a 360° panoramic view of the surrounding area and the historic city center of Reutlingen, is not fully occupied yet. The current five employees are still enjoying free seating in the office. Tabojer: “We will of course take care of the seating arrangements once it gets fuller on the floor, but for now we can still apply the rule ‘First come, first seat’.” THE SWABIAN DREAM CAME THROUGH Reutlingen is also known as the “Gateway to the Swabian Jura”. Recently the big city opened its gates, the Stuttgart gate to be precise, to NTS as well. In the new office, the starting blocks were however left behind quite a while ago. Words by: Harald Müller Photo by: Schöller SI So young and already so tall: NTS Reutlingen in the newly constructed “Stuttgarter Tor”. IN A PERIMETER OF 5 MINUTES ON FOOT YOU CAN FIND A CAR PARK, THE RAILWAY STATION, SHOPS AND THE HISTORIC CITY CENTER. GOINGWITH THE CURRENT The NTS location is the first with a purely electric vehicle fleet! NetApp Keystone Cloud storage on and off your premises, with prices to fit your business! NetApp Keystone is a portfolio of payment solutions and storage-as-a-service offering for hybrid Cloud environments. It delivers greater agility, more financial flexibility, and reduces the financial risks – thus, it creates the best conditions helping you to meet your business outcomes without large investments upfront. 58