23 22 NTS is looking for people that think independently and that are prepared to grow with us andwith the tasks at hand. Because it is obvious what we are not and what we neverwant to be: boring and inflexible. We align ourselves to common goals and values, we ‘think out of the box’ instead of running in circles for an infinitely long time. Satisfaction is certainly nice, but we want to see excited faces at the end. Values are creating the corporate culture of NTS. Our values are our strength and our basis of our collaboration and our customer relationships. The 5 values that shape our collaboration at NTS as well as the communication with customers and partners are quality awareness, passion, community, transparency, and flexibility. THE WORK IS WHERE I WANT IT TO BE! At NTS, home office is a given, needless to say that it comeswith the best technological facilities whilst ensuring all aspects of safety at the same time. By using state-ofthe-art technology in the area of collaboration, NTS sets an example by working against high CO2 emissions and supports a strong awareness for the environment. 8,071.8 kilometres equalling 4,898.8 kilograms of CO2 emissions are saved per onlinemeetingwithalmost 500participants. This equals almost the distance fromGraz to Florida. The entire team is able to dial in quite comfortably from 16 locations to more than 500home office spaceswithout long waiting periods, flight delays and bookings. NO FAKE NEWS We can be heroes!Wewere rated by181 individuals onkununuwithanaverage score of 4.6 (out of 5). In a period of 2 years, 22 out of 23 persons have recommended NTS. The cherryon top: 2nd rank amongst theTop 10 employees 2021 and 2022 in the IT industry inAustria! Operative bonfire for good conversations, fun and interaction. Feel-GoodManagement by Ente-S. Rating: 5 = very good, 1 = unsatisfactory WE CAN BE HEROES We don’t want to always follow the simple path, but we want to select routes that lead us to the best solutions. Exactly in the style that is authentic – exactly to the extent that makes sense. Words by: Daniela Haag & Beatrix Ortner Photos by: Lupi Spuma » SATISFACTION IS CERTAINLY NICE, BUT WE WANT TO SEE EXCITED FACES AT THE END. « Beatrix Ortner, Head of Human Resources, NTS In 2021 and 2022 NTS achieved the 2nd rank amongst the Top 10 employees in the IT industry in Austria! WE LIKE TO BE CLEVER In many cases, demands in daily business life are undergoing permanent changes. For NTS, it is therefore natural that all employees stay up to date, that they can realize their full potential and that they have free space for trainings as well. There are continuously many trainings and certifications conducted by the internal company training system “NTS Campus”. This offer drives valuable know-how into the business, where it then remains so that it can in turnserve tobenefitNTScustomers. DON’T FORGET TO HAVE FUN We are able to educate and interconnect ourselves, we can join forces, find solutions and come upwith new ideas, we can react fast, give our best and be flexible, we are available, and we can PARTY. There is no shortage of events for our employees, sporty or elegant ones or just simply comfyones.Word! JOIN US We have got much to offer, and we have jobs. For talents, superheroes, and visionaries. For people that share our passion for IT! We are looking for heroic team players that are brave and open-minded for new things! We value efforts, we share successes, we communicate at eye level, and we support different lifemodels: home office, sabbatical options, digital nomads, and trainings are a given for us. BestJobsForever unter: www.nts.eu/jobs Wanted! More woman power in IT. www.nts.eu/jobs » Internal training system "NTS Campus" » Further trainings and certifications » Coaching GROW » Shiatsu and JobBike » Canteen, fresh fruits, coffee and tea RELAX » Staff events and various perks » Annual employment satisfaction survey » Sponsorship and mentoring programs SOCIAL » Home Office since 1995 » Flexible working hours and models WORK