COMPREHENSIVELY CAREFREE WITH NTS DEFENSE SERVICES For most security incidences, there are apparent indications beforehand. The NTS Defense Team help to detect them at an early stage and to ultimately get rid of them. Words by: Daniela Haag Photo by: Lupi Spuma From security assessment all the way to holistic defense services: the Bundesbeschaffungsgesellschaft Österreichs (Austrian Federal Procurement Agency, BBG) relies on NTS for IT security. Words by: Alexander Müllner Photo by: Lupi Spuma Cyber-attacks are not only increasing at an alarming rate, but they are also becoming more manifold and complex. Businesses of every size are confronted today with cyber-attacks as there is an industry behind it that is earning a lot of money by doing so.Thus, thequestion isnot somuch if, but whenwill you be affected. Now, cyber security is therefore indispensable for any business to help the prevention and the defense of attacks. NTS VULNERABILITY MANAGEMENT: SECURITY PREVENTION Weaknesses respectively risks first have to be detected by a continuous screening of the IT infrastructure in order to prevent security incidences. NTS Vulnerability Management continuously identifies weaknesses and points out their potential risks in line of a risk assessment. Independent NTS experts are responsible for the design, the development, and the implementation of the solution as well as CYBER SECURITY “Relax, We Care” fact: NTS Defense Services include dedicated defense analysts as key contacts. Now, NTS is rendering services in the area of cyber security for public-sector customers in Austria. SECURITY SERVICES » WE ONLY INFORM OUR CUSTOMERS DURING A REALLY CRITICAL EVENT AND WE SUPPORT 24/7 TO PREVENT THREATS. « Alexander Müllner, Territory Manager Vienna & Lower Austria, NTS » WE ARE ON THE LOOKOUT TO FIND OPEN WINDOWS AND DOORS, WE CHECK IF BURGLARS ARE ABLE TO ENTER, AND WE FIND WAYS OF HOW TO PROTECT OUR CUSTOMERS FROM THESE DANGERS. « Mathias Spörr, Engineering Manager Defense, NTS NTS IS THE CYBER SECURITY PARTNER FOR THE BBG During a comprehensive tender, BBG concluded with NTS a framework agreement for security solutions and services. Through this agreement, NTS is permitted to provide services in the area of cyber security for public-sector customers in Austria. Thus, public clients, ministries, communities, energy providers and health institutions are able to access selected NTS IT experts via the BBG e-shop quickly and easily. The NTS Defense Teamwith top IT securityanalysts that deal tirelesslywith security incidences in the cyber environment, is at the center. The SIEM platform or the NTS Defense Platform is the technical groundwork that collects, aggregates, and analyzes all security relevant events and log data. The NTS Defense Team analyzes and evaluates all suspicious events regarding danger and urgency. RELAX,WE CARE for themanagement of the service. Regular reporting adjusted to the customer requirements, are a given. NTS THREAT DETECTION SERVICE|SIEM: MINIMIZATION OF DANGERS Reports and logfiles of different systems are collected and evaluated as theyensure a holistic view of the IT security. In order NTS KNOW-HOW: Security assessments/penetration tests Infrastructure Check NTSVulnerabilityManagement Managed SIEM (NTS Defense Platform) Endpoint Detection &Response Network SecurityMonitoring NTSThreat Detection Service | SIEM to identify threat scenarios, rules – so called use cases – are realized. They detect suspicious behavior, and they are analyzed by a specially trained NTS Defense Team. Questionable events or dangerous tendencies can therefore be shown in real time. A storage that is safe frommanipulation and revision assists with the compliance with legal specifications and compliance guidelines. 19 18