13 12 Administration Facility Management Engineering Processes Accounting Controlling Defense Education Finance Process Management NTS Experience Legal and Compliance Design & Implementation Products & Technologies Software Operations Center Alliances Project & Process Management Marketing Quality Sales Operations IT Human Resources Billing Logistics Procurement Trade Operations Sales Sales Excellence ALEXANDER ALBLER Chief Executive Officer WOLFGANG MOSER Operations Director HELMUT HÖDL Product & Technology Director THOMAS HAUSEGGER Sales Director AT & IT JÜRGEN TABOJER Sales Manager DE HARRY NEUMAYER Design& Implementation Director MICHAEL SEEWALD Chief Operating Officer PETRA SEEWALD Chief Productivity Officer VINZENZ FERK Chief Financial Officer THOMAS BARTL Chief Commercial Officer NTS INTERNAL NTS INTERNAL MANAGEMENT TEAM Approximately 500 employees cater for impressedcustomersand long-standing partnerships with super services and technical passion. Together with selected high-end manufacturers, the NTS team creates solutions for the areas of network, security, collaboration, cloud and data center. The Management Team around Alexander Albler is setting the course for NTS on their path ahead with expertise and passion. THE SPIRIT OF NTS RELAX, WE CARE: Powered by this motivation, NTS accepts responsibility, designs and supervises IT solutions with care, quality and certified experience. Words by: NTS Photos by: photoworkers.at » AT NTS, WE ARE FLEXIBLE AND OPEN FOR NEW THINGS – WE REACT TO CHANGES AND WE IDENTIFY POSSIBILITIES AS OPPORTUNITIES. « Petra Seewald, Chief Productivity Officer » WE ARE STRAIGHTFORWARD AND WE PUT THE CARDS ON THE TABLE. FOR US, TRANSPARENCY AND TRACEABILITY ARE ESSENTIAL. « Vinzenz Ferk, Chief Financial Officer » RELAX, WE CARE DEFINES OUR ACTING, OUR PERFORMANCE AND OUR COLLABORATION. « Alexander Albler, Chief Executive Officer » WE ARE ALWAYS GIVING OUR BEST WITH RELIABILITY AND EXPERIENCE. THEREBY, WE TRUST ONE ANOTHER. « Michael Seewald, Chief Operating Officer » IT IS OUR GOAL TO ENHANCE THE TARGETED CUSTOMER SATISFACTION WITH A POSITIVE EXPERIENCE AND EXPERTISE. « Thomas Bartl, Chief Commercial Officer